Bittern by the Bug Workshop

Andrea Taylor; from “Bittern by the Bug”; was our tutor for Indigo Dyeing. The workshop on 8th June was limited to 8 participants due to the capacity of the vats. Andrea was very giving with her vast knowledge of indigo dyeing, from the mixing and setting up of the dye vats, selecting and preparing suitable fabrics and pre dipping hints. We folded, wrapped and clipped our fabrics in various ways prior to the first dipping. Indigo fabrics are “brewed” several times; ours 4 each piece; to build up the depth of colour required. The hardest part of the day was waiting to unwrapping our fabric parcels, as they are best left for 24 hours to get the best results. Sunday afternoon was like Christmas, with us each at home, "gloving" up again and unwrapping our surprise packages. The results were great and many photos were going back and forth visually sharing the results. A wonderful workshop with a great tutor. Can’t wait to have another day indigo dyeing. Thank you to Andrea for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and expertise!